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The refining of oil is a process to purify oil, the rid of all impurities, harmful substances, improving its colour, which gives its nutritional quality.

The refining consists of several steps:

Degumming: remove gums and the phospholipids
Neutralisation with caustic soda, to purify oil of its free fatty acids and other impurities.
Bleaching: remove pigments and colouring substances from the oil.
Deodorization: process which reduce colour, remove free fatty acids, and remove odour and flavour of oil and give him smell and taste neutral.
There are two processes of refining: physical refining and chemical refining.

BALTIMAR is equipped for the two types of refining according to processes the most modern which now exist on the market.


The process constitutes the addition of hydrogen atoms to the double bonds of a molecule through the use of a catalyst, temperature, time and pressure of hydrogen.

Hydrogenation gives oil increased resistance to oxidation and more adaptability to use in industries such as the margarine, the biscuit factory, the chocolate company, the cream and others.


Although hydrogenation oils offers advantages in terms of unavoidable practical resistance oxidation and adaptability, it has the disadvantage of generate trans fatty acid. Hence the development of the process of interesterification has long been used to modify oils and fats into functional products. Without generating Trans.


Some oils are maturely composed of saturated fatty acids with high melting point and polyunsaturated fatty acids with low melting point

The process of splitting is to separate these two phases of a side, the fatty acids to high melting point called stearin and on the other side, the fatty acids to low melting point called, olein.

The stearin is used in the formulations of shortening for the food industry or for the soap manufacture.

Olein is more appropriate for cooking and frying.

Among the oils divisible:

Fish Oil
Palm Oil
Palm kernel Oil
Partially hydrogenated vegetable Oil

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