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  Means and Methods


BALTIMAR has the latest technology From Smet in term of line of refining vegetable oils, line for refining fish oil, line of hydrogénation, line of inter esterification, line of splitting, line of crystallisation & plastification, line of shortening and lines of production of pulp chocolate

Its production capability allows us to cover today nearly 80% of needs of margarine, biscuit manufacturers, milk, confectionery market national food in quantity and quality.

BALTIMAR has the ability to store nearly 10,000 tonnes allocated between raw materials, semi finished products and finished products. Its minimum threshold of storage in raw materials is established in the following manner:

Palm Oil between 1,000 & 3,000 tonnes,
Soybeans Oil between 1,000 & 3,000 tonnes,
Palm Kernel between 200 & 500 tonnes.

BALTIMAR has two units of refining complete and independent, respectively of 50,000 and 15,000 tonnes per year.


The interesterification of edible oils, is a process topical, allowing producing fats, without generating Isomer trans. BALTIMAR has a volume of more than 10,000 tonnes per year.

The two units of splitting allow oil given in two phases, whose physicochemical characteristics moving to it.
A phase rich in saturated fatty acid, fairly consistent, called stearin, and a phase rich in unsaturated fatty acid, fluid, called olein.

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