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 Huile Fryty's Maroc Frity's Special Frying Oil
 Huile Frity's Maroc Palmarosa Special Frying Fat

huile fritys
Oil de Friture Végétale


Frity' s is a vegetable oil specially designed to Baltimar to meet the requirements of the frying. It is a blend of different vegetable oils. These oils contribute to the flavour and gilding the frying, and resistance to the temperature and oxidation. Frity' s is rich in Omega 3.

Technical Specification
Free Fatty Acid (as oleic acid)  max

0.1 %

Peroxide Value max

1 meq o2 / kg

Saponification Value 0.05 %
Antioxydant Agent

(E304, E306, E472b)

Lovibond Color (cellule 5" ¼ )

20Y - 2R

Major uses

Frity' s is specially designed for frying.


Lack of smells and tastes any specific.
Absorption of fat Duration of use much longer than a normal oil.
Lack of cholesterol.
Without isomers trans. Great resistance to the oxidation even at high temperature.


Frity' s is delivered by tanker stainless insulate or bogus 10.20, 100 litres or other.


For the oil custody at best all its qualities, it is recommended to the store in a dry place and to protect from light.

Shelf life

The deadline for optimal use:  12 months after the date of manufacture. 

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