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 Huile Fryty's Maroc Frity's Oil Special Fried
 Huile Frity's Maroc Palmarosa Grease Special Fried

huile palmarosa
Oil de Friture Végétale


Palmarosa is a vegetable oil specially designed to Baltimar to meet the requirements of the frying.

Technical Specification
Free Fatty Acids (as palmitic) max

0.1 %

Peroxide Value max

1 meq o2 / kg

Moisture Max 0.05 %
Iodine Value

According to the use

Melting point

According to the use



Lovibond Color (cellule 5" ¼ )

30Y - 3R

Major uses

Palmarosa is specially designed for frying.


Lack of smells and tastes any specific.
Absorption of fat Duration of use much longer than a normal oil.
Lack of cholesterol.
Great resistance to the oxidation even at high temperature


Palmarosa is packaged in cardboard 25 Kg or delivered in stainless steel tank insulate.


For the fat custody in the best all its qualities, it is recommended to the store in a cool and dry place, far from the heat and to protect from light.

Shelf life

The deadline for optimal use:  12 months after the date of manufacture.

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